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Effective Alternative Therapies

Neck Pain

Carol's Experience:
"...This [treatment] freed me from a deep-seated, unrelenting agony that had been pushed under the radar during so many years of untreated physical pain...

     Acute neck pain often results from trauma such as an auto accident or fall.  The focus of treatment here is on the tempromandibular joint as it influences key balance points and the dura matter that encloses the spine, brainstem and brain.  It is here that the traumatic patterns reside which cause spasm, adhesion and compensation, so that no amount of exercise or movement makes much difference, but the pain continues to throb.  Our treatment shifts these patterns to release the holding mechanisms.

Of course, over time, acute shifts to chronic, leaving the victim in ongoing pain that defies medical resolution.  We saw this occur in a client, Wendie Hansen, who suffered multiple injuries when she was ejected from a van at high speed on an interstate highway.  She tumbled down the highway, looking, as a witness described, "like a bundle of laundry flyin' down the road."  She actually came in to see us the first time on a scooter for the handicapped.  She walked out.  View her video here. [Link to be added].

     Chronic neck pain, on the other hand, involves involuntarily "permanent" compensatory  muscle patterns in shoulder, pelvis, and even in the feet and knees.  Depending on the individual, it is often necessary to work with the mind patterns which are the root cause of dysfunction.  See  "No More Frozen Shoulder for Tennis Player" for a first-person account of our mind / body work from a client's perspective,  and Muscle Memory Release for an explanation of how it works.

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