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"This freed me from a deep-seated unrelenting agony that had been pushed under the radar during so many years of untreated physical pain" -- Carol Ann O'Connor, Pinnacle, NC.


Read Her Full Account of the Long-Term Pain In Her Life, And Of Its Resolution:

      "At a very young age, within one year, I suffered burns due to a severe electric shock, then sustained spinal damage in an auto accident.  The burned hands were bandaged and cared for, but the spinal wrenching was unseen and, therefore, not believed.  The spiral of increasing pain that colored every activity and aspiration had begun.  By the middle teens, the muscles of my upper shoulders and neck were constantly tight, lumpy, and could hardly tolerate even a light touch. Breathing difficulties that appeared after the early accidents became more severe and pervasive.  In due course, three additional auto accidents plus a fall from a stage that broke my right arm and caused damage to the lumbar area of the spine compounded the original damage and increased the depth and breadth of pain.  The arm was set, but no attention was paid to the spinal damage and no therapy was ever given to regain proper use of the arm and shoulder.  By now I was teaching at University, but was finding it very difficult to carry out my responsibilities due to a constant deep level of pain and a haze that had overcome the clear thinking needed to work successfully and confidently with students.  Recognizing the difficulty, I resigned and continued the search to regain health.  Unfortunately, when damage cannot be readily observed, even well-meaning medical personnel are too apt to tell the patient that 'it is all in your head' or, perhaps worse, to attach the label of 'attention-seeking hypochondriac' or 'anxiety-ridden personality.'

      "When we moved to North Carolina, the strain of caring for two elderly parents and yet another accident further damaged the shoulder, spine, and neck.  Eventually, the lower back gave way and a double herniated disk severely impaired movement for many months before the pain and stiffness began to dissipate somewhat.  It is in North Carolina that I began to receive help from some good chiropractors, as well as from physical and massage therapists who worked to reposition out-of-place ribs, to rebalance my hips and lengthen one of my legs, and to break the grip of adhesions at the damaged shoulder and upper arm. 

      "The problem was that the treatments were not lasting and had to be repeated frequently.  When the pain and fuzzy thinking refused to disappear and I could barely turn my head from side to side, my primary physician ordered xrays that showed arthritic changes resulting from nearly 60 years of  insufficient remediation.  Then, a visit to an exceptionally gifted local chiropractor showed that my spine had actually been rotated for a long period.  The work he did to bring the frame back to the normal position finally made it possible to begin to move my head more normally to both sides, making driving safer and more pleasant.  Breathing improved for the first time in those same 60 years and respiratory allergies began to dissipate. 
      But, for all the vast physical improvements, the deep-seated pervasive pain remained set as though my body were wedged into a wooden block.  It was about this time, as I began to sense that I might have a muscle memory pattern that needed to be addressed that I met, quite by accident, Kent McKeithan and Rebecca Vogler at the A&S Health Food store in Winston-Salem.  Even though I had just come from a good chiropractic adjustment, a very short demonstration of their healing modalities drained a tremendous amount of tension from the worst affected area of my neck and eased much of the remaining pain.  Eventually, I was able to work more in depth with both of them in a short series of sessions in which they used several modalities, including Bowen and Reiki treatments, to help release restrictive patterns that had been ingrained both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
      This freed me from a deep-seated unrelenting agony that had been pushed under the radar during so many years of untreated physical pain and dysfunction—pain that no longer served a useful purpose.  As a result, I have experienced increased improvement with ease of breathing and decreased allergy symptoms.  In addition, for the first time in at least a decade I have begun to get more than a few hours of sleep a night.
      I believe one of the keys to finding the proper combination of healing methods was their willingness to suspend hurried judgments in the initial meeting in order to listen carefully and thoughtfully and to engage in a helpful guided dialogue.  The information gleaned, accompanied by some intuitive thinking as well, led to moments of inspiration that lay outside the usually proscribed parameters and revealed nuggets of truth that helped determine a most effective regimen of treatment options.  Both individuals displayed a caring, reassuring, supportive manner that helped instill trust and cooperation in the unfamiliar, but painless processes of treatment that were recommended.  Their continued level of personal support and encouragement is impressive."

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