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Effective Alternative Therapies

ďMy dad passed away, shortly after you gave me the Lomilomi/Huna session, and I had a lot to deal with, yet I enjoyed a great sense of peace and connection as a result of the treatment.Ē Ė Tim Young, local banker.

Stress, Tension, Stiffness


We deal with (actually resolve) these conditions, which are precursors to deeper, harder pain, with¬† two approaches, Lomilomi¬†Massage, Big Island Style, and Relaxerciseô.Relaxerciseô is a movement therapy -- a tool we teach over several inexpensive classes, that has the real capability of dissolving stress and relieving pain for the rest of the life of anyone who practices it.¬† For how it works, more in-depth discussion of it's benefits and a class schedule, please click on this Relaxerciseôlink.

Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi  is the most powerful NON-painful, restorative massage we know of.  Growing from an Hawiian tradition thousand of years old, it addresses all the systems of the body: respiratory, digestive, circulatory, musculatory, glandular and nervous.  All of this occurs in a peaceful, nurturing setting, almost as if the client is being rocked gently by the waves of the warm Pacific waters of Hawaii itself.  Compared to most any other style of massage, the  touch is light, yet it exerts a profound effect on not only the physical body, but on the emotions as well, facilitating release of deeply held tensions that bind the digestive tract, restrict breathing and slow down lymph function.  The effectiveness of the massage is enhanced -- deepened by the simultaneous application of Huna energy (see Huna Healing) by Rebecca Vogler, our Huna Master. Note that this is not a full Huna Healing treatment, but one which is carefully tailored to fit into a 1-hour format for easy affordability.

In turn, with these combined treatments, the results of those tensions are often released: headaches ease away, digestive blockages dissolve and breathing deepens and lengthens.  These breatkthroughs are often lasting, but if not - if the underlying (root) causes haven't been completely resolved -- we have other processes to cause such resolution (see Muscle Memory Release ).

It is natural to combine these two treatments, because Lomilomi is a subset of Huna, Lomilomi being the hands-on healing application of a long-established body of knowledge and accrued wisdom of the body, mind and spirit.

Lomilomi massage is also our treatment of choice for those who are new to bodywork as a process for permanently resolving pain, rather than one which is palliative, or simply lessens pain for awhile.  Many of us still relate to allopathic medicine (Western medicine, as we know it) as the only treatment we feel comfortable with, even though it has failed to resolve our pain.  This is because we have some familiarity with it, and some sense of knowing how it works. The unfamiliar is, by nature for human beings, often scary.

Since massage has, over the last few decades, become increasingly recognized as having therapeutic value, it has become more familiar and more easily approachable.  Therefore we have looked for a massage technique that is at once gentle and nurturing, at the same time powerfully effective.  We believe we have found this in the combination of Huna Healing and Lomilomi massage.

A couple of our clients have agreed to share their experience of Lomilomi with you:

ďMy dad passed away, shortly after you gave me the Lomilomi/Huna session, and I had a lot to deal with, yet I enjoyed a great sense of peace and connection as a result of¬† the treatment.Ē

Ė Tim Young, local banker.


¬†"It¬† was most satisfying.¬† I felt¬†that my body was back in tune with itself.¬† It was very grounding and centering .¬† Having the masculine/feminine balance in the room was very important for me Ė sometimes I get too much feminine energy.¬† I've found that non-threatening masculine energy is very necessary for a well-balanced life."

-- Jean Bolen, local retailer, during the pre-Christmas shopping rush

Feel free to call us at 336-761-0501 for more information, or to schedule an appointment.  Session times are one hour.  Until June 14, the introductory fee for this service is $80 -- a 33 1/3% reduction from our standard charge of $120. This fee pays for the services of both therapists. 

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